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A comparison between the european urban hermitage and the american transformation

It is common knowledge that European cities are much smaller and denser than American cities. But, the question is, why is this so? There are many reasons for it that actually make a lot of sense. Perhaps the first and most important cause for urban density in Europe is the high price of gas.

Its blocks are all medium-size squares and regular rectangles. An example from the second group is Athens in Greece.

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These cities are composed mostly of small blocks with a broad distribution of shapes. Most cities that Louf and Barthelemy studied fall into the third group. Like the second group, the blocks in the cities have a broad distribution of shapes.

However, they tend to be larger than the blocks in Athens. This third group contains several subgroups.


One of these contains 68 percent of all the American cities that Louf and Barthelemy studied. By contrast, all of the European cities, except Athens, fall into another subgroup. There is one final group, represented by Mogadishu in Somalia, made up almost entirely of small square-shaped blocks with a sprinkling of small rectangles. Louf and Barthelemy then go further and study the difference between neighborhoods in a city, which can have dramatically different styles.

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A striking example of this is the Eixample district in Barcelona, which is very different from other parts of the city. As an example, the researchers measured the unique fingerprints of the boroughs of New York City: They say that Staten Island and the Bronx have similar fingerprints. Manhattan has a unique fingerprint based on a grid structure Design teaching in portugal essay by two types of rectangles.

Brooklyn and the Queens also have unique signatures reflecting the shape of the rectangles that make up their grid-like structure. One limitation of this approach is how neighborhoods themselves are defined, usually as administrative districts rather than architectural ones. Louf and Barthelemy say an interesting avenue for future research would be to find a way of determining the boundaries of neighborhoods based on their layout classification.

The ability to classify cities in this way will come as something of a revelation to travelers who have long noticed the visual similarities and differences between cities all over the world.

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The inability to classify these associations has always been something of an embarrassment for city planners. Now that it is possible, the applications are many. For example, it gives city planners a way of comparing their designs against existing cities and neighborhoods. A planner wanting to reproduce the neighborhood structure of San Francisco while avoiding the structure of Kansas City, now has a way to objectively assess future designs.

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European Urbanization

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A Typology of Street Patterns Share. Louf and Barthelemy began by downloading the road layouts from OpenStreetMap for cities from all continents other than Antarctica. Urbanisation and health in China.

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Capturing the geometry of city blocks is tricky. Most older European cities have grown organically, usually before the advent of cars, with their road layout largely determined by factors such as local geography.

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A planner wanting to reproduce the neighborhood structure of San Francisco while avoiding the structure of Kansas City, now has a way to objectively assess future designs. Use your discretion; obviously, some texts' plots are less "secret" than others'.

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As for the five cities of India, four will become metropolises in the following years Chennai, Bengaluru, Hydarabad, Amadabad.