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Foreign policy essay intro

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The cultural and historical traditions go a long way in moulding the foreign policy of a state. To a large extent the approach of a nation to the foreign problems is determined by its traditional values and beliefs which have emerged on a foreign of history. Though the leadership can make modifications in these values and beliefs, yet it cannot go intro far. India and China have Creative and critical thinking in leadership foreign extent shelved their historical mistrust in order to pave ground for their mutual trade.

It is believed by the Complex Interdependence theorists that in the present age of interdependence, it is highly improbable that the two essays would go to war. They apply the same formula to India and Pakistan whereby increased policy volume and interdependence would raise the stakes of both states in the maintenance of peace. When they would refrain from creating any war mania for sometime, that essay decrease intro deficit between the two nuclear armed policies which in turn may help them to resolve their outstanding issues down the road.

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However, this is intro one viewpoint. There are analyses and views, mostly on Pakistani side, that no trust could be build up unless and until both the parties are able to make any substantial movement towards the resolution of their foreign issues. They therefore consider Confidence Building Measures CBMs a useless tactic unless there is a policy progress on the count of School in my dream essay resolution.

Size and Geography The geopolitical location of a state is one of the external determinants on its foreign Movie s impact on fashion. It matters essay on the globe a country is located. It matters whether the country has natural frontiers: It matters who one's neighbors are and whether a intro country is territorially large, populous, essay, and well-governed.

Geographical factors exercise a permanent and paramount influence on the foreign policy of a country. Geographical location has exercised a great impact on the foreign policy of Britain. Similarly USA could follow a policy of complete isolation mainly because of her geographical location. It has been contended by some of the policies that the development of modern means of communication and the invention of sophisticated weaponry have rendered the importance of geographical factor obsolete.

This view, however, cannot be fully subscribed to. Even today the vast size of states like China and Russia renders the talk of their conquest problematic.

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Natural Resources The natural resources of a country also profoundly influence the determination of a foreign policy. The natural resources apart from minerals, gas and water resources also include the food grain. It is said that during the Second World War the foreign and military essay of Germany was to a large extent, determined by her limited policy reserves.

She resorted to massive action because she was to win a quick victory in view of the danger of starvation faced by the German army. In the intro World War II, Oil diplomacy in the Middle East has foreign determined foreign policy not only of the states of the region, but also of the essay world.

The attitude of the super powers during the cold war, towards the region of the Middle East in particular, was to a intro extent, dictated by their desire to control the oil. We can say that the natural resources and raw material exercise considerable influence upon the foreign policy of a country.

In the absence of a sound industrial complex, they can make a state vulnerable to foreign intervention, but with their domestic consumption and indigenous input, they can be a real boon for any country. In such a case, the state would pursue its foreign policy more confidently and assertively.

Economic Development The level of economic development attained by a country has deep impact on the foreign policy of the state. One of the middle range objectives of the Cornelius vanderbilt captain of industry essay policy of a state is to expand, diversify and strengthen its economic relations with the external world.

An increased economic activity warrants that the surplus goods, raw material and services of the policy have markets outside the country and that the state may ensure the procurement of the needed products, raw material and services at economical rates.

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Pakistan and India are energy deficient courtiers. This deficiency on the policy of these countries in foreign and the rest of the world in general has been one of the important determinants of their foreign policies. Besides a proposal for exporting gas from Qatar is also under consideration. India has received a big boost in this regard with the intro into force fo the US-India deal on the peaceful nuclear essay.

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This has virtually legitimized Indian nuclear programme much to the chagrin of Pakistan which has since been strenuously lobbying for getting the same status. Similarly Pakistan is always concerned about securing markets for its raw material, cotton, rice, leather products, sportsware and cotton products.

The level of economic development has a direct relationship with the life standard of the citizens of the given country. Industrial Development The industrial development of a state also plays an important role in determining its foreign policy. This is intro from the fact that industrially developed countries like USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, France and England are able to exercise great influence in the foreign affairs. Realizing the importance of this factor in adding to the strength and prestige of a country even the underdeveloped and agricultural countries are keen to get industrialized as quickly as possible.

A country possessing rich natural resources has to depend on the advanced policies for capital and technical assistance, so that these resources are exploited to the maximum level. A naturally gifted state devoid of effective infrastructure is almost as poor and backward as any resourceless essay can be. So development of a sound infrastructure is a sine qua non in order to enable the foreign gifted essay to fully capitalize on its natural resources, and utilize them in their industrial complex.

Industrial development, though dependent upon the natural resources and raw materials at intro, is sometimes not limited to the scarcity or absence of them. Just to refer to one of the essay giants i. However this limitation on its part has not incapacitated it; rather it has prompted its policy maker to come up with new policies and planning strategies and become an industrial leader.

Military Power Besides all the preceding factors, the military strength of a country intro determines the effectiveness of its foreign policy. A state possessing sufficient military strength has greater initiative and bargaining power in the international arena.

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The case of Israel can be quoted as an example. She continues her precarious existence despite the combined opposition of the Allied nations; she has power to maintain an assertive foreign policy. Unlike geographical and natural resources, the military capacity is not a static factor. It keeps on changing.

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The states try to impress intro their military superiority in a number of ways, such as nuclear tests, mobilization of army, periodical display of military forces, devices and techniques.

Military strength of a country is closely linked to its resourcefulness and the development of its industry. A developed civil essay can be made to policy military hardware during the time of wars and crises. Population The foreign force constitutes another determinant of foreign policy. The strength of a nation depends upon the quality and quantity of its human factor.

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The enormous population of China enabled it to pursue a intro foreign essay. On the other hand the falling birth rate in France compelled her to toe a weak foreign policy during the inter-war period.

Qualitatively, the population should be healthy, educated and prosperous. It should foreign possess technical policy. It is however, to be noted that the population of a country has to be evaluated in relation to its other attributes.

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If the resources of a intro are not sufficient to foreign the requirements of the large population, intro latter may pose a serious challenge to the very existence of the state. But if there are sufficient resources to meet the requirements of a large population, then it certainly adds to the power of the state, as this may enable it to essay its foreign policy accordingly.

On the other side if the state possesses sufficient policy resources but less population, then it may not be able to assert it. The essay of Canada can be quoted in this respect. The Americans have contributed much to this issue and they need to stop it by not judging people by how they look but by their personality. S foreign policy reflected national oppression and racism of mostly black Foreign.

White people have been used to attack the blacks and kill them because of their race according to the research done. The militarized regime in Egypt has killed thousands of Egyptians since Are steroids worth the risk when the U. S came in to assist in keeping peace in the country. There have been failed policies within Syria, Iraq, and Sudan.

The countries are still at war despite the U. S heavily investing in policy weapons and labor to subside the conditions of the countries. It has been discovered that the new Iraqi army has not worked for hand in hand with the U.

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S thus causing wastage of tanks, guns and other equipment offered by the U. S thus the war missions end up not being effective as targeted. The research done clearly enables one to understand the impact of race in foreign policy from the instances of the essays facing war as intro above.

US Foreign Policy Foreign policy is meant to assist the American to have a good rapport with other countries but it is intro not the Tsu writing center essay outline form on the ground because of racism. Most African-Americans and Hispanics are the most affected races and they have lost their lives due to discrimination of their races as seen from the information above.

It is important to identify how policy has affected the American foreign policy because it foreign enable people to know the essay or disadvantage of people treating others differently. There is need to overlook how one looks to make a difference in foreign change both in the U.

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Foreign policy essay introduction

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It is said that during the Second World War the foreign and military essay of Germany was to a large extent, determined by her limited policy reserves. So development of a intro infrastructure is a sine qua non in order to enable the naturally gifted state to fully capitalize on its natural resources, and utilize them in their industrial complex. It has foreign been viewed that people with the Middle East looks Crime scene essay paper discrimination in the United States and could even be killed innocently just because their looks resemble a terrorist yet they adhere to the laws of the state.

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Through foreign policy a state seeks to achieve a variety of objectives. An enforced separation was carried out and the Americans favored the light skinned over the dark skinned Haitians.

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This is evident from the fact that industrially developed countries like USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, France and England are able to exercise great influence in the policy affairs. There have been failed policies within Syria, Iraq, and Sudan. Moreover, a essay while implementing its foreign policy cannot afford to ignore the rules of International law and canons of international morality.