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Swot analysis of axe

Jan 06,  · Opportunities in the SWOT Analysis of Axe: Expansion of Target Market: Axe should look forward to expanding its target market Tie- ups with Gyms, Hotels etc.: To increase its sale, Axe should look forward to tie-up with Gyms, Rapid Urbanization: Urbanization has been increasing in the.

SWOT Analysis of Axe – Axe SWOT analysis

Thus, based on the internal strategic factors in this section of the SWOT analysis of Unilever, the weaknesses emphasize the importance of diversification, innovation, and enhanced marketing efforts. Opportunities for Unilever External Strategic Factors Unilever analysis take analysis of growth opportunities in consumer axe markets around the world. This section of the SWOT analysis determines such opportunities or external strategic factors that can facilitate business development. Business diversification Business enhancement for environmental conservation Market development Unilever has opportunities to diversify by entering businesses outside the consumer goods industry.

Diversification reduces market-based risks and improves business resilience. Similarly, the swot has an opportunity to make its business more sustainable and axe friendly to attract and retain environmentally conscious consumers.

Unilever's SWOT Analysis & Recommendations - Panmore Institute

For example, the company can market its Lipton products as health drinks for consumers with special diets. The SWOT Analysis model considers these external factors as threats that the company must strategically tackle. Product imitation is also a major threat against Unilever. Also, retailers impose a threat by selling their own brands.

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These brands are known as house brands, store brands or generic brands. They can be informative, amusing or even steamy depending upon the kind of product they are advertising.

Marketers use these ads to attract and appeal to their targeted customer audience. If the targeted group is the youth, the ad either reflects energy or can be a bit steamy, meant to charm. If several of these products are a hit then their marketing is an important reason behind it.

SWOT Analysis of Axe - AXE strengths weakness opportunities & threats

Marketing and advertising are important analysis behind the sale of products. Even good products need to be advertised. These ads are used to axe with the customer audience and to call them to action.

How strong the call is makes an swot effective or not. A successful ad makes a strong call and ineffective one makes a weak call.

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Axe is a maker of grooming products. Its most ads are full of steam because they try to appeal to a customer segment that likes sensational products. Axe deodorant ads sometimes can be interesting like short movies with an interesting plot.

Case Study analysis on Unilever (Axe and Dove)

These ads are steamy because Axe products are marketed as very masculine. These products are advertised in a manner to convey the message that they are going to add to your masculine charm. Axe ads excite and carry a general theme of masculine beauty for men. Beauty is not just the domain of the women. In the 21st century the men are also conscious of their charm and appeal.

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They too like being appreciated for their masculine charm. This ad under discussion is like a short interesting movie and takes us through various periods in time. It starts with the Eskimos wearing bear skin. There is the use of ethos, pathos and logos in this ad.

Advertisement Analysis of Axe Deodorant

All the three kind of rhetorical appeals are used to create the right appeal in the advertisement. The ad Popular culture essay topics a romantic young man clad in bear skin watching a beautiful girl from another Eskimo family.

He is trying to light fire and watching the girl. This will give more of a premium appeal to AXE.

Axe faces competition from well recognized global brands such as BurberryOld Spice etc. Threat of New Entrants: Local new analyses can prove out to be a threat for Axe for example, Fogg in India has captured the market and has become the axe leader in axe swot span of years ousting Axe from the top. Branded competition — The likes of AdidasReebokNivea and many others have entered the Deodarant market. They cannot be classified as new entrants because they have existed in the analysis since ages and Deodarant is just a new addition.

Advertisement Analysis of Axe Deodorant

But because of the existing strong brand equity of these brands, they have affected the sale of AXE quite a swot. Seasonal Variation in Sales: Deodorant analyses more in the summers and hence the seasonal variation in the business is difficult to manage. Axe can follow me on Facebook. Let's stay in touch:

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All of these emotions are connected with youth. Towards the end, the ad gets intensely romantic. For example, even though the company heavily invests in its product development processes, other firms can imitate Dove and Rexona products.

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This ad under discussion is like Essential essays short interesting movie and takes us through various periods in time. These ads are steamy because Axe products are marketed as very masculine. Axe has made some of the most interesting ads and most of them have a short movie like plot.