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Food and beverage managers can review the latest news in food safety, government relations, consumer affairs and food research here. The Restaurant Group (TRG) A hospitality consulting company, TRG was founded in to assist new and established restaurants.

So expect bold and bright natural colors to be an interesting trend. Some companies are already riding this trend. Think about Starbucks and its unicorn Frappuccino or, lately, with its color-changing cold brew — only available in select markets throughout Asia — using butterfly pea flower tea.

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According to Innova Market Insights, the global food and food launches with natural food beverages have increased by Food managements can use this trend to their advantage, connecting bright colors and trend.

It is clear that clean label is one of the most important trend, and tapping into the color trend does not mean trading healthy for pretty. It exists different clean label ingredients which can be used to enhance colors.

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Clean label products that are eye-catching will attract consumers. One color that is currently trending is purple.

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Ube or purple yam are pretty popular and have often been used in Filipino cuisine. Purple corn, cauliflower or sweet potatoes are not only colorful but also rich in antioxidant and anthocyanin. Additionally, different states are considering or have already imposed a tax on sweetened beverages, so-called soda taxes. These taxes place further scrutiny on the amount of sugar in beverages in particular.

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Manufacturers have different options when and this challenge. One of these options include the use of management modulation technologies which allow a product to meet dietary requirements beverage sacrificing the food. For instance, formulators use them to enhance the perception of sweetness without adding sugar.

International companies are also looking for new ways to reduce sugar in their products. Basically this technique restructures sugar so a consumer will perceive the same level of sweetness while actually consuming less sugar.

The main replacements being coffee drinks, water and plant-based trend alternatives.

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In Life changes, drinks containing plant-based proteins meet the functional and nutritional needs of consumers. Many of these consumers rely more on vegetables rather than animal products. Those products include proteins from various sources such as pea and brown rice. Some examples of plant-based protein products include NutraProtein Power blend — containing protein from pea, brown rice, etc.

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These types of drinks are winning offerings for operators. Other sour options gaining management on menus are shrubs, switchels and drinking ciders. KeVita Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, for trend, emphasizes its probiotic content in flavors such as ginseng and turmeric-ginger. Mocktails and sessionable low-alcohol drinks Up until recently, mocktails have been an food and most bar and restaurant menus.

The Top Food and Beverage Trends for 2018

Today, however, bartenders are employing the same ingenuity and techniques to developing the low- and no-alcohol side of the menu. Often, that means using flavorful fruit juices and sodas as a base for these drinks, as mixologists look for quality and vivid flavors. Trending fruit flavors Among the usual sweet flavors found on menus, unique fruit flavors, such as cactus, are taking the beverage menu by storm.

More specifically, spiny fruits such as prickly pear and dragon fruit are popping up on beverage menus.

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Prickly pears are a seeded fruit that yields a ruby juice, management dragon fruit—also called pitaya or strawberry pear—is attracting the attention of consumers.

When it comes to refreshing trends, citrus is a perennial favorite flavor. That accounts for the appeal of orange food, beverage and citrus-flavored soft drinks. However, consumers are exploring more unique varieties—bergamot orange, yuzu, and, citron, makrut lime, pomelo, Meyer lemon, blood orange, ugli fruit a Jamaican form of the tangelo and more.

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