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Write ups at work - Unfair Write-Ups and Warnings at Work Can Be Illegal

Why should you use an employee write up form? Write up forms are essential for recording work issues. If disciplinary action must be taken, including termination, a record is essential and may help companies avoid wrongful discharge accusations. Write up forms also make warnings clear to employees, and give them a path to fixing issues. Get more information on employee write up forms.

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Bring value to your job. But if you have been written up unfairly or if you were written up when an oral conversation should have been enough, that is a red flag that the boss may be intending to soon walk you out the door.

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Responding To The Red Flags It may be that the decision is made and it is just a matter of time before you are gone. It also makes better business sense to only terminate people where there is cause. If the criticism is justified, admit it and promise to fix it.