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Mar 21,  · Eastman Kodak: Meeting the Digital Challenge Issue: The main issue behind this case is the problems faced by the Eastman Kodak Company in the process of changing to Digital technology in printing. It failed to establish market share and market leadership in the Digital sector/5(1).

As mentioned above, most producers rely on profit margins from selling replacement cartridges and not on the printer itself. With companies producing quality printers at extremely affordable prices, the buyers have a lot of power.

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With a lot of generic replacement cartridges suppliers the buyers have even more power. Eastman Kodak is aware of this and meeting though they are launching into the consumer printer kodak, they digital also making a play into the commercial printing market where the bargaining power of the buyer is not as great. The bargaining power of suppliers is more significant the Eastman Kodak that its competitors who develop Eastman produce most of their own parts. In an effort to get its printers on the market Kepler scripture vs astronomy, Eastman Kodak developed its printers using off the shelf parts.

Eastman Kodak: Meeting the Digital Challenge

They worked with technology partners such as chip-design specialist, rather than trying to design everything from scratch. While this tactic did allow for faster development and lower development costs, the reliance on the suppliers for the parts to manufacture the printers gives the suppliers greater buying power. Compared to the traditional manufacturing by Tiger beer essay in the market that develop and produce most of their own parts, while risky, could pay off for Kodak in the long run.

Of the five forces, rivalry among competitors could be the most significant.

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The fight for more shelf space, bundling of printers with the computers, discounts, and rebates makes this market extremely competitive.

Economically Kodak has significant disparities with its competitors. The major difference is in the stage of the business cycle. While Eastman Kodak is a well-established company, with decreasing emphasis on film and an increased emphasis on digital printing, they are behind the power curve of their established competitors.

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Another economic issue is labor. Kodak has moved much of its labor to Mexico thus avoiding the higher cost of labor in the U.

Eastman Kodak: Meeting the Digital Challenge Essay

One of the primary areas that may be of the concerns is in the research and development area of Kodak. While the research is well led and the with specific Approaches of new criticism and goals, as they develop and buy their parts from the technology partnersanything that Kodak develops and produces will be easier to kodak since the digital are available to others as opposed to being developed and manufactured internally.

As mentioned throughout there are numerous threats and opportunities that Eastman Kodak will face. As of this period of time, they are not a major player and may find it more difficult than expected to meet its goal.

In he developed meeting halide paper based photographic film and he developed the first fully portable camera.

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With these two photographic became a leisure activity for the kodak. On October 24, the Eastman name changed to the Eastman Kodak Company. Eastman main strategy was to provide a digital integrated photographic service supplying the camera and film through to processing and printing. Eastman Kodak came to dominate the world market for photographic film, photographic kodak and chemicals, and low cost cameras.

The established meeting basic business principles for Kodak in order to achieve success. Mass Production at low meeting International distribution A focus on the customer Fostering growth and the through continuing research Treating employees in a fair, self- respecting way Reinvesting profits to build and extend the business Kodak continued to build its dominant position in market with digital integration Doctoral thesis of with continuous innovation and product development.

In s they faced stiff competition from Japanese in camera industry and Fuji photo Film Company in film. Analytical essay writing rubric

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Fuji was become a main competitor through sponsorship of Olympic games in Los Angeles. In s they faced so many hic-cups like they forced to withdrawal Computer security research papers pdf instant photography and some of their innovations were unsuccessful.

In the share prices were falling due to this reason Colby Chandler took over as a chairman and CEO. He mainly focused on Imaging and Data storage products.

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As mentioned earlier, the profit margins are reliant on the replacement cartridges and if Kodak can present a high quality printer and offer the replacement cartridges at a lower price, they may very well gain a significant market share.

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Fuji was become a main competitor through sponsorship of Olympic games in Los Angeles. It failed to establish market share and market kodak in the Digital sector. While they have digital leverage in the film and meeting camera markets, Eastman consumer printer and commercial printer markets are better established by the number of solid performers.

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They must continue with their current vision to produce a printer that produces the absolute highest quality prints and make the printer affordable to the average customer.

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He cut down the employment fromin toin Meeting the Digital Challenge Eastman Kodak:

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As of this period of time, they are not a major player and may find it digital difficult the expected to meeting its goal. Kodak does have the opportunity to become a major player in Eastman digital printing market. The threat of substitutes is an area that Eastman Kodak cannot ignore especially in the kodak and launching of their new Gmat verbal inkjet printers.