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Sigmund freuds function as a neuropathologist essay

johnston sees freud, the father of psychoanalysis, among those personalities “that one made austria a shining example of modernism in a world that had lost orientation.” In his function as a neuropathologist freud came to realize that he had no clear understanding of neurotic patterns despite his throrough studies of the human brain.

The Effects of Sigmund Freud’s Theories to the Modern World

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The aim of psychoanalysis is not to cure patients or to make them feel "normal" again. Freud remained inspired by his instructor Jean-Martin Charcot, a well-known neurologist, who tried his hand in hypnosis. Freud, the first person to have the know-how in psychoanalysis also known as talking cureused this method in treating patients with mental ailments.

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He might have only included specific data, which gave credit to his studies and disregarded anything that went contrary to his explanations. Nonetheless, all of his critics have a solid point in poking holes in his research.

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There are numerous great people in ancient and modern times who were homosexual.