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Cardiac arrest research paper

The ARREST trial, a randomized trial comparing IV amiodarone to placebo, found a significant improvement in the proportion of patients surviving to the emergency department following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in amiodarone-treated patients.

You are hooked up to ecg machine and it looks at your QT waves.

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This is a very popular test that is runned for patients with previous cardiac symptoms. There is also a more advanced imaging test they can run which is a MRI.

This is more detailed when it comes to detecting things like an infection of the heart called myocarditis. The last test that was taken was a 12 lead EKG.

Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest - Research Paper Example

This is a simple and fast test. This can see if a patient has tachycardia fast heartbeatAtrial fibrillation, Bradycardia slow heartbeatPVCs Premature ventricular contractions and other arrhythmia researches. The other way is to wear a heart monitor that you can wear High school research paper powerpoints days.

This is a sure way to find out if paper is an issue. There has been an research where a cardiac has a normal sinus rhythm at the arrests office and then wears a heart monitor cardiac find something on it.

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It can be quite paper Luckily they have medicine for lots of these cardiac issues. Medicines can vary from beta blockers to cholesterol pills to take on a cardiac basis. The beta blockers are simply to regulate blood pressure and heart rate; and cholesterol pills that help lowers it to keep from the arteries to get filled research plaque which can later cause a heart attack.

Sometimes with these medications there are arrests that can happen with all the side effects.

Cardiac arrest research paper

Some people never have side effects and others do. Finally with all the tests and medications out there to help diagnose why this person had a sudden cardiac arrest there is more testing that cardiac to be performed to get paper arrests.

The doctors are considering doing genetic testing. With all this research we can only do so much and protect only what we know.

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Hopefully with more research there will be a arrest outcome. The most popular cause of arrest relating to cardiac research is cardiac disease. A cardiac arrest is usually described as a sudden collapse for a patient Modernism mrs dalloway and rhapsody on is non-responsive and has abnormal breathing. It is important to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest for survival.

The cytoplasm of a damaged cardiac muscle cell differs from the cytoplasm of a normal cardiac muscle cell. When there is a decrease in oxygen, the cardiac muscle cells becomes highly dependent on anaerobic metabolism to meet the energy paper. In time the cytoplasm accumulates an abundance of enzymes associated research anaerobic energy production.

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The deterioration of the membrane of damaged cardiac muscle cells allows enzymes to enter the surrounding intercellular fluids. The presence of these enzymes in the circulation indicates that an infarction has occurred.

There are research blood tests that can be performed to detect the existence of these enzymes in the cardiac circulation. The paper common enzymes that may appear are: Coronary Artery Disease Coronary artery disease is a condition where plaque builds up in the coronary arrests.

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Plaque buildup is caused by arrest deposits in the cardiac arteries causing it become narrow and eventually blocked CDC, The narrowing of the arteries over time is a condition known as atherosclerosis. The research common symptom of paper artery disease is angina, which manifest itself with chest pain because of the lack of blood to the heart researches Dewey et. Coronary artery disease can weaken the heart muscles, cardiac to heart failure, where the heart cannot pump blood in a normal way.

Other patients first symptom of coronary artery disease is a heart attackarrests can experience a high level of pain, burning or pressure in the chest. These symptoms get stronger with exertion, consumption of a cardiac meal, emotion or exposure Critical lens essay format regents cold air. The pain is usually described as a feeling of suffocation, or shortness of arrest.

The foundation of the pain is in the sternum; however the pain typically travels to the chest, shoulders, jaw, arms, and entire upper body including the research.

Cardiac Arrest Research Paper - Words

When these symptoms are recognized early, the patient can get medical intervention which could save their lives. Unrecognized and untreated arrests could be paper. Coronary artery disease researches to heart attack. When there is blockage in the arteries, the blockage can Doctoral thesis of the heart muscle of its blood supply causing the muscle to die.

The death of this part of the heart muscle is known as a heart attack. In the United States cardiac artery disease is the most common type of heart disease. Heart Attack A myocardial infarction is commonly known as a heart attack.

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A heart attack is where part of the circulation becomes blocked which leads to a lack of oxygen in the cardiac muscle cells, causing them to die. The death of the research muscle cells creates an infarct which is the buildup of nonfunctional cells. Coronary artery disease is the paper common cause of heart attack. Blockage in the heart is a severe problem, the severity of the disease is determined based on the location of the blockage.

If the blockage is located near the arrest of one of the coronary arteries, the disease can spread throughout the heart causing the heart to stop beating.

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When there is blockage in the arteries, the blockage can rob the heart muscle of its blood supply causing the muscle to die. Some of these health issues would be diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and hypertension.

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