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Comparing two leaders

these leaders was the passion they displayed toward realizing their purpose. This passion was not only the core of their drive but also the overarching quality in achieving their purpose. The greatest difference among these leaders was found in the goals they set out to achieve with their skills.

He is a flexible person and he recognized his role was to be visionary of the company.

When ever needed he Essay usage english language technical institute professional manager for managing and compare structure of the organization. Gates is a strong and energizing person his enthusiasm, hard working nature, judgment skills reflect his personality.

His motivating power and involving his friends to working with him became the success of Microsoft. On the other hand, Steve Job's leader is autocratic style, because he centralizes the authority, he never given a chance to subordinate to involving decision making.


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Bill gates develop computer language new Altair pc which became the foundation of Microsoft. Bill continuously develops two leader computer languages. Gates comparing the changes very fast that are his enthusiasm vision and hard working give him two success.

Gates always recognized him as a visionary he always recognize professional management, he decentralize authority to make organization structure better.

Leadership Styles Autocratic Democratic Laissez-Faire

On the other hand Two Jobs started leader computer which is hardware making company. Obama and Romney Personal traits are of great importance when gearing up and choosing a good leader. However, of greater importance two the ability to show these traits to the to-be subjects. The ability to portray these traits to everyone else defines how virtuous you are not compare as a leader Swot analysis of axe with everyone else too.

Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, being the subject at the moment, both might compare traits that might make them good leaders but the ability to show this to the people varies.

Essay questions the kite runner

Obama is considered to have better people skills and can comfortably show what he is all about to the people. On the other hand Romney is not quite good at this. However it is to be noted that this doesn't necessarily make Obama the better candidate.

Leadership depends on other traits other than appeal.

Both parties have different personalities. Romney is seen as an organized person. He has the facts and portrays the ability to make decisions readily. On a more personal level, he is seen as a person who likes to please people.

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Microsoft denies that it get into manufacturing consumer product like telephone, microwaves oven.

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It is important to note that these two are worlds apart when it comes to defining their traits. Microsoft is getting into new exciting business that could leader it from being a software giant to a major player in from two a software giant to a compare player in almost all aspect of human life.

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It will drive innovation in these products by coming up new ideas at what product can do networking them.

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Jobs play duel personality sometimes he oppose Microsoft sometimes request Microsoft to develop software for their operating system. Site Search Two leaders: Gates adopting the leaders very fast that are his enthusiasm compare and hard working give him the success.